Manufacturing precision plastic components for the automotive industry is a challenge and likely it is one of the most demanding fields for any injection moulder. During the last couple of years the requirements especially for moulded connectors were increasing rapidly. This applies for the precision standards as well as for the utilized high-end polymers and the product variety.

However Amper-Plastik has accepted this challenge and developed comprehensive know-how in this field of industry. Market leaders of the automotive supply industry rely on the quality and precision of our products.

As a leading technology venture for moulded components we also believe in the market potential for electric vehicles. The fabrication of high-voltage connectors for the next generation of e-cars has only recently become part of our product range - A further fascinating task with future prospects.

Apropos future: digitalisation rapidly finds it’s way into the globalized industry, especially into the automotive sector. And for many concepts of industry 4.0 appropriate sensor systems are a basic requirement. No matter if non-contact switches, air-pressure or flow measuring devices – many of these inconspicuous workaholics contain our plastic technology already today.


For the production of plastic faceplates for our sensor systems we have found a reliable, flexible and responsive partner in Amper-Plastik. Since our products at CAPTRON Electronic GmbH are always custom-built, a high variation diversity is the consequence. Amper-Plastik currently manufactures more than 100 differently designed articles for us, all fulfilling high technical and decorative requirements specific to each project. The cooperation is well-established and functions smoothly. New article versions are quickly brought to serial readiness and are flexibly delivered, also in smaller lot sizes of a few hundred pieces per order - Always in time and in first-class quality. Simply perfect.

Markus Esser

As a leading company in the field of industrial data storage solutions Swissbit manufactures data carriers with highly complex embedded circuits, even for applications in harsh environments or for narrow assembly spaces with tight tolerances. Therefrom the high requirements for all used plastic components are derived, which are long-term stability and dimensional accuracy in the field as well as a good processability within our production lines. Amper-Plastik - our long-time partner - fulfills these criterions reliably and without limitations.

Gerd Jungmann