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Amper-Plastik is founded by Mr Rudolf R. Dittrich.

The plant is established in Ludwig-Thoma-Str. in Dachau.

First customers are the camera manufacturer Braun in Nürnberg and Kathrein, an antenna factory in Rosenheim.

By taking over the Bavarian Moulding Plant (“Bay. Spritzgusswerke”) Amper-Plastik is relocated to the grounds “An der Floßlände“, located directly alongside the Amper river.

The first orders from the telephone division of Siemens in Munich are acquired.

With the installation of the new factory in Otto-Hahn-Str. 2 Amper-Plastik is modernized and covers already more than 1,300 sqm of floor space. Picture of Mr Liersch jun., „the second generation“.

The tooling workshop becomes an independent department within separate premises.

The first personal computers become affordable to consumers. Consequentially Amper-Plastik starts with the production of key buttons by 48 cavity tools for Siemens Nixdorf.

Amper-Plastik belongs to the internet pioneers and is over years unique supplier for all T DSL modems.

The estate is expanded to 6,200 sqm and with the construction of an adjacent shop floor the present-day injection moulding workshop is created.

The dotcom bubble leads to a crisis in all activities related to the PC and promotes the development of new business areas like the medical and automotive industry.

The development and manufacturing of SINAMICS drives for Siemens in Erlangen begins.

In a second stage of plant expansion at Otto-Hahn-Str. 2 the property is increased to 9,600 sqm.

Subsequently Amper-Plastik doubles the injection moulding workshop, adds a high rack warehouse and modernizes the factory as a whole.

Amper-Plastik is awarded for the second time with the Siemens Motion Control Best Supplier Award.

New beginnings in electric mobility: By developing several products for e-Cars a new line of business is created.

The end of an era: After more than 25 years of production in this field, AP delivers its last fully functional PC keyboard.