Amper-Plastik is system supplier. For in addition to producing injection moulded articles we offer added value through assembly and decoration technology. Starting with the planning phase we develop for each complex article and every assembly unit a manufacturing strategy depending on the quantities involved - Your benefit: on time system solutions from one provider.

Automation Engineering
Subject to technical requirements and quantity demand our degree of automation reaches up to 100% - wherever it is technically and economically feasible. A majority of our products never passed through the hands of an operator before they are shipped to our industry partners worldwide. They are automatically manufactured, assembled, tested and packed – mostly in product-specific manufacturing cells.

Assembly Injection Moulding
The assembly processes start already within the injection tool and on the machine. For instance when connectors, metal bosses or secondary plastic parts are inserted into the tool and generate a form-locked join with the injection moulded component.

Know-How in Joining Technology
From hot stamping to ultrasonic-welding – we will be happy to provide consulting for all kinds of plastic joining techniques, since we rely on long-term expertise and sound knowledge.

From Additives to Finishing Treatment
Technical components face a variety of product-specific parameters: mechanical strain, ambient temperatures, fire safety regulations, electrical conductivity or insulation - to name but a few. These have to be considered in product design and are realized in production by application of custom-designed polymers in combination with additives and suitable finishing treatments. We rely on conditioning, tempering or coating for a peak performance.

Decorative Finishing
The cherry on top of plastic systems is a decorative finishing. Additional processes like laser marking or a variety of printing and painting techniques serve decorative and identification purposes. We realize these services flexibly in-house or within a network of long-term local industry partners.