Machine Building

“Made in Germany” is a label for quality and technical know-how in the field of machine building. This is proven by the leading position of German mechanical engineering. As a reliable and innovative technology venture Amper-Plastik contributes to the top ranking to a substantial degree.

Keyword: Drive and control systems. Each moving component in a machine requires a drive and a control unit. And in both of them you will find innumerable plastic components made by Amper-Plastik, all over the world. Coil bodies in electric motors made by precision moulded high-performance polymers are an example, withstanding the extreme mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses. Or premium housing components for the control units of the latest generation, which are another important factor for the machine makers in order to consolidate their market position.

Amper-Plastik is part of the engineering family and manufactures is products with machines, that often contain the own injection-moulded components. Thereby the closed loop is created. And we are proud of being regularly awarded for the quality and reliability we are providing within the industry.

Electronics Industry

What applies for our injection moulded components in the machine manufacturing industry applies to the same extend for our products in the electronics industry.
Since 1987 Amper-Plastik is manufacturing parts for high-end human-machine interfaces. Having started with input devices for special applications as for instance economically-designed keyboards, professional or security consoles we are nowadays manufacturing also sophisticated output equipment like computer screens for designers, gamers and medical equipment.
Over decades Amper-Plastik has acquired a good reputation in the electronics industry, is committed to cutting-edge technology, quality and delivery performance and is considered expert in manufacturing of computer components.


Since August 2016 Amper-Plastik develops with our design team in Chemnitz complex plastic components for the SIMATIC ET 200SP series, our powerful IO system for compact control cabinets. The cooperation is characterized by high professionalism from the consulting services to the mass-production of the precision parts. The communication is exemplary, even under high workloads and deadline pressure. During the development stage Amper-Plastik points out critical design features and delivers suggestions for improvement at the same time. As their customer I feel being in good hands at all times. And I am glad to return my sincerest thanks to Amper-Plastik through this platform.

Michael Bräunlich

We offer technically sophisticated solutions and services for optimizing production and producs – especially for automation processes. And the same we claim within our supplier base. Open communication with competent specialists at eye level and the reliable supply of high-quality components at any time are key factors. With Amper-Plastik we are having this kind of cooperative partnership in the field of injection moulded components - already for many years. As the expression goes: Can you recommend this company: Yes, I can. Without any reservation.

Oliver Baier

Our design-award winning trivets KREMPEL and KREMPELinO are made by Amper-Plastik from heat resistant high-performance resins, in a multitude of different colours. As a creative design company we have to rely on the technical expertise of our production partners. And with Amper-Plastik we are in this regard in the best possible hands. Although we are no global cooperation, we are treated as such at all levels. The communication and processes of coordination are streamlined since the production facilities are close to our headquarters in Munich. In short: We feel completely comfortable with the service Amper-Plastik provides. Many thanks to the whole team and we look forward to continuing our good work together.

Andreas A.P. Anetseder

As a fully-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu - with globally more than 160,000 employees - Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH is the leading European IT infrastructure provider. The best possible service and product for our customers is our primary goal. Our corresponding commitment to quality is consequently passed to all suppliers and among them fulfilled entirely by Amper-Plastik. Within our long-time cooperation very sophisticated products have been developed, as for instance the world’s first keyboard, mass-produced with biodegradable material, whereof 800,000 units were sold until today. The smooth alignment of the Green IT Keyboard’s production processes with the R&D department of the raw material supplier and the product development of Fujitsu is a prime example of result-oriented and successful project management by Amper-Plastik. Therefore I want to recommend our partner unconditionally - especially for this kind of complex products.

Gottfried Acher
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH