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The years 2021 and 2022 entered Amper-Plastik‘s history books as record-breaking years. A balanced mix of markets with focus on emerging fields like e-mobility, medical devices, engineering, and automation equipment facilitated record figures in turnover and growth for the long-established company in Dachau in the last two years. With further double-digit growth forecasts for 2023 comprehensive investments into machinery became inevitable.

In the last quarter alone, Amper-Plastik increased the manufacturing capacity by about 15 %. Supplementary to the investment in new, highly automated injection machines, the corporation also complemented its expertise by recruiting 15 additional full-time employees in the departments tooling, production, and quality management. All capacity increases function as boosters for AP’s main business objective: Quality, Innovation, and Precision - Made in Germany.


In the short term between August and October 2022 seven brand-new electric injection machines with corresponding automation and peripherical devices were set up at Amper-Plastik. The moulding specialist in Dachau expandeds its manufacturing capacity for sophisticated precision parts by adding four Sumitomo-Demag machines of the IntElect2 type series. Especially when producing thin-walled applications with high quantity and short cycle time requirements, these machines achieve maximum dynamic performance and precision with peak energy efficiency.

The acquisition of three further new injection machines of KraussMaffei’s PX class are Amper-Plastik’s response for a greater customer’s demand in flexibility combined with an increased productivity. The tailor-made and automated production cells from the experienced machine maker are characterized by a maximum platen parallelism and allow the operation of larger-scale injection tools. All three machines with 80, 160 and respectively 320 to clamping force are equipped with the latest generation of the operator friendly MC6 control system including the APC Plus software. This Adaptive Process Control software aims for a zero-defect production and automatically compensates fluctuations in the manufacturing process.


With availability of the new assets, half of Amper-Plastik’s machinery consists of state-of-the-art energy efficient fully electrical presses. Together with the procurement of peripherical devices for mould temperature control and material predrying, a new cooling system for the factory with increased performance, and a large-scale radial drilling machine for the tool shop, the new machines stand for the largest investment program for production equipment in the company’s history.

Amper-Plastik expects for the coming years further growth particularly in the fields of e-mobility, automation, and medical industry. With the continued expansion of the manufacturing capabilities and a technically adept, fully motivated team Dachau’s plastic moulding expert is well prepared for all challenges the future may hold.